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Choosing wall art that suits your impeccable taste can be a cumbersome process that leads to frustration. Like any complex problem, the best place to start is by deconstructing it into simple categories. If you consider yourself a novice to the art world or find you're stuck, here are some fundamentals and questions to guide you through the noise and help you reach your ideal art style. 

How to use this guide:

Scroll down the guide below to see which art styles excite you, and simply ignore those that don't suit your taste.

The guide is devised to help pinpoint your style, through the process of elimination. Happy hunting.


Cool, neutral, primary - the list of color combinations are endless. Everyone gravitates toward different color palettes, some dare to be bold, others prefer subtle pastels. Where are you on the spectrum?  


Lines could be seen as the 'skeleton' of your art piece. Combined with colour, fine line work or strong thick lines play a pivotal role in how soft (or dominating) your wall art will look.   


Do you find beauty in bristles? There is an abundance of brush strokes each with their own effect, giving the appearance of texture and natural elegance to your wall art. 


 Predominantly using color and lines, patterns are delightful to the human eye. Wallpaper or wall art, a recurring design is a way to add extra charm to your space.


Think of it as a relationship between dark shadows and bright highlights. Some are enticed by strong contrast in art, while others rather a more soft, smooth transition of color.   


Negative space can be a powerful eye catcher, where the lack of detail or 'white space' around the art offers breathing room to the piece. A negative can always be turned into a positive.


Geometry combined with artistry is an elegant formula. Mixing other art fundamentals with simple shapes can result in an alluring delicacy for your space. 


Inclined to an abstract approach? Essentially it is art which does not resemble anything. Using fundamentals such as color, shape and line it creates an ambiguous and intriguing outcome. 


Many are drawn to the depiction of mother nature. From majestic mountain tops to revealing rivers, landscape art can be translated into many forms of exquisite art.    


Go wild, enter the kingdom Animalia. The portrayal of animals in wall art can give a playful edge to your space. Animal art can be a symbol of power or a focus on natural glamor.    


Another gift from mother nature is the diverse and delightful collection of flowers. Flora wall art is equally as dazzling when mixed together with the right art fundamentals. 


Fascinated by the female figure? A popular style for a very good reason. From a mythical icon to high fashion depictions, the female form will add to the allure of your space.


Us individuals have distinct interests. Perhaps you're into aviation and love line art of old planes or captured by beautiful glassware with classic cocktails. Wall art can keep your passion alive.


Applying gold leafing to art looks magnificent. The most common treatment is gold, however there are also sheets available in copper and silver. A hand applied process, well worth the effort.


An integral part of wall art. From oak to acrylic, silver to gold, black to white, or no frame at all - choosing the right frame gives your art the perfect backdrop without overwhelming the art itself.


Keeping in mind your frame is a backdrop and not the feature, the rules can be bent in some cases. Continuing an art piece through multiple frames looks wonderfully striking. 

Notes & Tips

The questions and fundamentals in the above article have been redesigned and simplified for the purpose of wall art, devised as ideas and to start inspiration. 

Feeling overwhelmed?

If you're still finding yourself stuck, or at the halfway point and have hit a wall, the best solution is to physically walk away and do a completely unrelated task. Come back to find your style with fresh eyes.

Spice up your space

Another tip to be mindful of is that finding your style doesn't necessarily mean every piece in your space looks the same. 'Spice it up' in your home with a variety of artwork. For example, pick your two favourite fundamentals and add in another you wouldn't normally gravitate towards. In most cases, you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.