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Unmatched Bespoke Pricing

Parke offers competitive pricing by waiving most of the bespoke services fees like Consultation and Project Management.

Parke is not a 'volume-driven' online art store, but rather a personalized service. It is counterproductive to list set pricing packages, as each art piece involves a different approach, depending on what type of art piece you're searching for. Some art pieces may take much than less studio time than others.

Of course, Parke will provide you with an accurate quote prior to commencement. 


Parke's Consultation Service

FREE - Value added

Parke's Project Management Service

FREE - Value added 

1 x Paper and Frame Sample Delivery

FREE - Value added 

Simple yet elegent art
$2,000 + Local Framing & Delivery*

Complex yet compelling specimen of art

$4,200 + Local Framing & Delivery*

*Prices are indicative only, and vary depending on local currency and individual wall art.

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