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The art world is bursting full of mediums, each with their own gorgeous qualities and characteristics. There is no arguing that traditional drawing media such as oil paints are renowned for their natural beauty, but how does digital art find its place within the art family? It's time to unravel the mystery and peel back the layers of this emerging trend.

Some of us have an innate reluctance to change, or at least at first. We question its existence until we have satisfied our subconscious. In digital art's case; it exists solely as a comrade to the art family rather than in competition to traditional media. 

Essentially, digital art is a developed art media in which a professional artist uses a computer as a tool to create stunning visual pieces. There are also many cases where mixed media (a variety of sketches on paper and digital art for example) create amazing unified outcomes.

Digital art under the magnifying glass

What’s important to focus on with digital art is not the method, but the results it delivers to patrons. If a professional artist uses a digital approach to create a bespoke art piece, in most cases the time line is dramatically shortened and the customer receives their piece promptly.

While the digital artist is creating the piece using her/his foundational skills (form, lighting and composition for example) the digital processing in the background is key to its unique speed. Key processes such as the ability to change colors, scaling of elements and even moving details around by request, offers a new energetic momentum to the customer. 

A professional digital artist would consider the types of brushes, bristle detail, style and textures their client desires. If he/she did not have a requested brush stroke, one could be created in mere moments. The key benefit of digital art is the flexibility and pace it delivers for someone that is after art - both personal and punctual.

Art created in all forms is undoubtedly subjective

Digital art is no exception. Finding art to fall in love with, or creates a feeling is one of the most important parts of choosing art itself. Bespoke art services have been around for many years, acting as a solution to 'finding the right piece'. While digital is one avenue of media that sits within the art ecosystem, it can also hugely benefit customer demand in bespoke services.  

We all live in a diverse environment, with a variety of preferences. As our surroundings evolve so does the art movement, and as a natural progression, the 'layers' of digital art have now been revealed to the world.